Quick Chess Tactics Test: Can You Solve All?

Sunday is time for Chess King tactics test. Here are three positions from real games. Can you solve them all? In the first position on the left, White to play and win. Mendoza-Diaz, Colombia, 1996. Should White retreat the Bishop from h6 as the mate threat on g7 is thwarted by the Black Queen on f6?

Position 2: White to play and win. Balinov-Cebalo, Graz, 1996. This position has an unusual tactical idea that is normally difficult to spot. Can you find the trick move for a win?

Position 3: White to play and win. Alekhine-Reshevsky, Kemeri, 1937. Black is not only a pawn up but is training forces on the g2 pawn. However, Rd2 by Black was actually a blunder. Do you know how Alekhine goes on to win?

Check back on Tuesday and we will post the answers in the comments section. Have fun solving chess tactics and improve your game with Chess King.

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