Quick Chess Tactic: You got 30 Seconds to Solve

Best play for White?

Technically you should see the tactic in a flash, but we are still giving you 30 seconds to spot the winning plan for White. This game is a nice miniature from the 1940 New Zealand Chess Championships and the the motif is so common that you could do well to remember it. You can check how the game went in the full post. Enjoy solving chess puzzles with Chess King and improve your game in a planned manner.

Beyer – Wade

Result: 1-0
Site: NZ Championship
Date: 1940

[…] 1.¤xe4 ¥xf6 2.¤xf6+ ¢h8 3.¥g7+ ¢xg7 4.¤xe8+ ¢h6 5.¤xc7

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