Quick Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two

Time for a neat checkmate in two from Chess King. In the position on the left, White’s only resource is a White Queen, but attempting to check via a8 allows Black to bring the Rook in between at a6 and a check on d5 again allows the King to escape via the a6 square disallowing checkmate in two. So, how does White pull this off? It’s easy!

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.c5 (1.£d5+ ¢a6) (1.£a8+ ¦a6) 1…¢a6 (1…¢b5 2.£xb6#) 2.£xb6#

On c5, Black actually has only King moves – Ka6 or Kb5. The Rook is pinned by the Queen. In both cases, White is able to checkmate on b6.

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