Pure-Calculation Chess Puzzle: Vasja Pirc vs Robert Byrne

Hard work is priceless and mandatory in chess. No matter how well you have conducted your chess training at home, you won’t win enough if you are not willing to continue the work hard on the board during a tournament chess game. Here is a simple position from Pirc-Byrne, Helsinkin, 1952. Black to play and win – Pure calculation, pure hard work!

Pirc Vasja (YUG) – Byrne Robert E (USA) (2434)

Result: 0-1
Site: Helsinki (Finland)
Date: 1952

[…] 1.f4 d5 2.¤f3 ¤f6 3.e3 g6 4.b3 ¥g7 5.¥b2 O-O 6.¥e2 c5 7.O-O b6 8.¤e5 ¥b7 9.d3 ¤c6 10.¥f3 £c7 11.¤d2 ¦ad8 12.£e2 ¤e8 13.d4 cxd4 14.exd4 ¤d6 15.c3 e6 16.¦fe1 ¦fe8 17.¦ac1 ¤a5 18.£f2 f6 19.¤d3 £f7 20.c4 dxc4 21.¥xb7 £xb7 22.bxc4 ¦c8 23.c5 ¤f7 24.¥c3 ¤c6 25.¤b3 f5 26.£f3 £d7 27.£e3 ¤fd8 28.d5 £xd5 29.¥xg7 ¢xg7 30.cxb6 axb6 31.¤b4 £d6 32.£c3+ ¢g8 33.¦ed1 £xf4 34.g3 £g4 35.¦xd8 ¤xd8 36.£xc8 £xb4 37.¦d1 £f8 38.£b8 ¤f7 39.£xb6 £a3 40.£c6 £a8 41.£xa8 ¦xa8 42.¦a1 ¦a3 43.¤d4 e5 44.¤b5 ¦a5 45.a4 ¢f8 46.¢f2 ¢e7 47.¢e2 ¤d6 48.¤c3 ¢d7 49.¦b1 ¢c7 50.¢d3 f4 51.gxf4 exf4 52.¢d4 ¢c6 53.¦c1 ¢d7 54.¦e1 ¦h5 55.¦e2 ¢c6 56.¦f2 ¦c5 57.¦a2 f3 58.¦a1 f2 59.¦f1 ¤f5+ 60.¢d3 ¦xc3+ 61.¢xc3 ¤e3 62.¦xf2 ¤d1+ 63.¢d4 ¤xf2 64.h4 ¤g4 65.¢e4 h6

White resigns. Black is comfortably piece up. Black could now manoeuvre the Knight via h5-f6 and hold back the White King’s approach as he gobbles up the a-pawn first.

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