Photo Chess Trivia: Champion Who Wouldn’t Be World Champion

Who's the Grandmaster?

Speaking of great chess players who were never world chess champions, here’s a photo of a simul by a world-class grandmaster who actually coached two world chess champions. Can you guess who? More hints: He won the Soviet Chess Championship twice and was a Candidate for the World Championship on six occasions. You can find the answer and some more great photos in black and white at the Russian Chess Federation website. But, why not try guessing and we will post the answer in the comments tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Photo Chess Trivia: Champion Who Wouldn’t Be World Champion”

  • Steppenwolf, Berlin says:

    those were the times –

  • Isofarro says:

    Yefim Geller?

  • adrian kaifn, dubai says:

    absolutely impossible not to recognize geller

  • Frederick Rhine says:

    Efim Geller, a chess giant who had a plus score in his many games against world champions, and a plus score against many of them, including Fischer. He won at least one game (usually far more) against every world champion from Botvinnik through Karpov. He and Keres finished just half a point behind Petrosian at the Curacao Candidates Tournament. Had Geller advanced, he probably would have beaten Botvinnik and become world champion. Geller had a +4 -1 score in decisive games against Botvinnik. Botvinnik never WON a match AS WORLD CHAMPION against anyone. (He won the ’48 match-tournament, when the title was open after Alekhine’s death; drew Bronstein in ’51; drew Smyslov in ’54; lost to Smyslov in ’57; as challenger, beat Smyslov in ’58; lost to Tal in ’60; as challenger, beat Tal in ’61; and lost to Petrosian in ’63.)

  • Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    Whoa i got here late yes its the efim geller

  • Chess King Admin says:

    Indeed the correct answer is Efim Geller.

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