Paris Chess Grand Prix Round 3: Gelfand Shows How to Win Queen vs Rook in Dominguez Game

Boris Gelfand is leading at the Paris Chess Grand Prix 2013 after three rounds. You can watch the last leg of the Grand Prix Series 2012/13 at the official site. In the game against Domingquez, Gelfand was in the copybook position of Queen versus Rook. He was up to the challenge. Watch the game with Chess King. We also have a nice chess video teaching you how to win Queen vs Rook endgames.

Gelfand, Boris (ISR) – Dominguez Perez, Leinier (CUB)

Result: 1-0
Site: Paris
Date: 2013.09.24

[…] 1.d4 ♘f6 2.c4 e6 3.♘f3 d5 4.♘c3 ♘bd7 5.♗f4 dxc4 6.e3 a6 7.a4 ♗d6 8.♗g5 h6 9.♗h4 c5 10.♗xc4 O-O 11.O-O cxd4 12.exd4 ♕c7 13.♗b3 b6 14.♖c1 ♕b8 15.d5 e5 16.♘d2 e4 17.♘cxe4 ♘xe4 18.♘xe4 ♗xh2+ 19.♔h1 ♕f4 20.♗e7 ♕xe4 21.♖e1 ♕f4 22.♖c4 ♕xf2 23.♔xh2 ♗b7 24.♗c2 b5 25.♖e2 ♕b6 26.a5 ♕xa5 27.♕d3 f5 28.♖f4 ♖f7 29.♖xf5 ♕c7+ 30.d6 ♕c4 31.♕e3 ♗d5 32.b3 ♕xc2 33.♖xc2 ♖xf5 34.♕d3 ♖h5+ 35.♔g1 ♖e5 36.♖e2 ♖h5 37.♕g6 ♗f7 38.♕g4 ♘e5 39.♕e4 ♖c8 40.♖c2 ♖xc2 41.♕xc2 ♗e6 42.♕e4 ♔f7 43.♗h4 ♘d7 44.♕f3+ ♔g6 45.♗e1 ♖d5 46.♗c3 h5 47.♕e4+ ♔f7 48.♗xg7 ♘f6 49.♗xf6 ♔xf6 50.♕f4+ ♗f5 51.♕h4+ ♔e5 52.♕xh5 ♔xd6 53.b4 ♗e6 54.♕h8 ♔c7 55.♕g7+ ♖d7 56.♕e5+ ♖d6 57.♔f2 ♔c6 58.g4 ♗c4 59.♕e8+ ♔c7 60.♕e7+ ♖d7 61.♕e5+ ♔b7 62.g5 a5 63.bxa5 ♔a6 64.♕c3 ♖d3 65.♕b4 ♖b3 66.♕e1 ♖a3 67.g6 ♖xa5 68.g7 ♖a2+ 69.♔f3 ♖a4 70.♕d2 ♔b6 71.♔e4 ♖a8 72.♕d6+ ♔b7 73.♕d7+ ♔b6 74.♔d4 ♖a4 75.♕d6+ ♔b7 76.♔c5 ♖a6 77.♕e7+ ♔b8 78.♕d7 ♔a8 79.♕xb5 ♗xb5 80.g8=♕+ ♔b7 81.♕f7+ ♔c8 82.♔xb5 ♖d6 83.♔c5 ♖a6 84.♕e7 ♔b8 85.♔b5 ♖a7 86.♕f8+ ♔c7 87.♕f4+ ♔c8 88.♔b6 ♖e7 89.♕f5+ ♔d8 90.♔c5 ♔c7 91.♕d5 ♖d7 92.♕e5+ ♔b7 93.♔b5 ♖c7 94.♕d5+ ♔a7 95.♔a5 ♖b7 96.♕d4+ ♔b8 97.♔a6

How does a Queen beat a Rook? Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk explains the way to win endgames with Queen versus Rook.

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