Nabokov Chess Study: White Checkmates in Three

A tricky checkmate in three for this Chess King study created by Vladimir Nabokov. This chess position featured in Nabokov’s 1970 book that included poems and chess puzzles.

Checkmate in three

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♖h8 ♔xc3 (1…♔e3 2.♖h3+ ♔d4 3.♘e2# (0:00:15) 1.Rh8) (1…♔xd3 2.♖h3+ ♔xc4 3.♕f4# (0:00:05) 1…Kd3) 2.♖h3 ♔d4 3.♕b2# (0:00:02) 1.

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