Middlegame Chess Ideas: What’s White’s Winning Plan?

Here is a position offering a nice win for White? Can you find the winning plan/.

Middlegame Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♕xg6 hxg6

1…♗e8 2.♕g5 ♗xh5 (2…♗e7 3.♕xg7#) (2…h6 3.♖h3 hxg5 4.♘f6+ (4.♘g3+) (4.♘f4+)) 3.♕xh5 basically all lines win after 1.QxNg6

2.♘f4 heading for a checkmate with Rh3 2…♗e6 3.♗xe6 ♖f7 4.♖h3+ ♔g8 5.♘xg6 now Rh8 checkmate is unstoppable

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