Material Chess: What’s White’s Winning Combination?

The winning combination for White is just too obvious in this chess position from the game Pankratov – Biktachiev, Tashkent, 1983. Can you see it?

Pankratov – Biktachiev

Result: 1-0
Site: Tashkent
Date: 1983
[…] 1.♗xa7+ ♔xa7 2.♕c7+ ♔a6 (2…♖b7 3.♕xb7#) 3.♗b7+ ♔a7 (3…♖xb7 4.♕a5#) 4.♗c6+ ♔a6 5.♗xe8 ♖xe8 with a material advantage for a won game

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