Magic Move Chess Puzzle: Kasparov – Lefstein 1-0

The position is blocked in this chess game Kasparov – Lefstein, Baltimore, 1997. What did White do to end the blockade and free his rolling pawns to promotion?

Kasparov – Lefstein

Result: 1-0
Site: Baltimore
Date: 1997
[…] 1.♗c6 bxc6 2.dxc6 how can Black top White from promoting at least one pawn… no way! 2…♘e8 (2…d5 3.c7 dxe4+ 4.♔e2 ♘d5 doesnt work) 3.b5 axb5

3…d5 4.bxa6 dxe4+ 5.♔e3 or any square and the a pawn is rolling now unstoppable

4.a6 d5 5.a7 (5.exd5 e4+ 6.♔c2 ♘d6 7.a7) 5…dxe4+ 6.♔c2 winning all the way

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