Magic Move Chess Puzzle: Find White’s Killer Move!

This cool chess position is from the game Hillarp Persson – Ward, 2004. Of course White has a nice positional hold over the position and could win in a couple of ways. But, what’s the killer move that gave White a cool immediate win? Yes, what’s the magic move for White?

Hillarp Persson – Ward

Result: 1-0
Site: Jersey
Date: 2004
[…] 1.♖g5+ the magic move 1…fxg5 2.♕xf5 in fact leads to checkmate 2…♖g7 3.g4+ ♔xh4 (3…♔h6 4.♕f6+ ♖g6 5.hxg5#) 4.♕f3 b5 5.♕h3#

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