Magic Move Chess: Black Wins

There are those magic chess moves that win a game immediately, but are very difficult to spot. Do you practice tactics and checkmating puzzles every day? The world’s top Grandmasters have millions of chess patterns programmed into their mind thanks to regular practice. That’s how you get a keen ‘chess vision’. Let’s check yours this evening. What’s the magic move Black used to win the game immediately?

Use the circle-arrow on lower left corner to flip the board if you wish.

Bagirov – Kholmov

Result: 0-1
Site: Baku
Date: 1961
[…] 1…♖e2 threatening Qf2 and Qg2 checkmate 2.♕xf6 (2.♖xe2 ♕xc3 wins the Queen)

2.♕b4 the White Queen cannot run away from the a5-e1 diagonal so as to protect the Rook on e1 2…♕xf2+ 3.♔h2 ♕xg2#

(2.♕a1 ♕xf2+ 3.♔h1 ♕xg2#) (2.♕f3 ♖xe1+ 3.♔h2 ♕xf3 4.gxf3) 2…♖xe1+ 3.♔h2 gxf6 piece up

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