London Chess Grand Prix: Hikaru Nakamura vs Wang Hao 0-1

The position is from the sixth round at the London Chess Grand Prix. Hikaru Nakamura, playing White is already on the defensive against Wang Hao, and then he makes a blunder by 45.Nxa4. Can you figure out the winning combination for Black from this position?

The Knight goes offside and Black’s winning strategy comes through. Check it out in the Chess King applet below.

Nakamura Hikaru – Wang Hao

Result: 0-1
Site: FIDE Grand Prix
Date: 2012.09.27

[…] 1.¤f3 d5 2.g3 ¤f6 3.¥g2 g6 4.b3 ¥g7 5.¥b2 c5 6.c4 d4 7.b4 O-O 8.d3 ¤c6 9.b5 ¤b8 10.O-O ¤e8 11.¤bd2 ¤d6 12.¤b3 ¤d7 13.£c2 a5 14.¦ae1 e5 15.e3 dxe3 16.fxe3 £c7 17.¤fd2 ¦e8 18.¥c3 a4 19.¤c1 ¤b6 20.a3 ¥e6 21.e4 ¦ed8 22.¦f2 £d7 23.¤f3 f6 24.¥f1 ¤e8 25.¥d2 ¤c7 26.¥e3 £d6 27.¤a2 ¥f7 28.¤c3 ¤e6 29.¤d2 ¤d4 30.£d1 ¥e6 31.¤d5 ¦f8 32.¥g2 ¦f7 33.¦ef1 ¤d7 34.¤b1 ¥xd5 35.exd5 f5 36.g4 ¦af8 37.¥c1 e4 38.dxe4 f4 39.g5 f3 40.¥xf3 ¥e5 41.¢h1 ¥xh2 42.¦xh2 ¤xf3 43.¦h3 ¤de5 44.¤c3 ¤g4 45.¤xa4 ¤fh2 46.¦xf7 ¦xf7 47.£e2 ¦f2

White has to resign because the threat of checkmate on h2 would be unavoidable if White tries to save the Queen. For example, Qd3 leads to Nf3. Saving the Queen to the first rank would result in Rf1+ White resigns the totally lost position.

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