London Chess Classic 2012 R8: Hikaru Nakamura Misses Win against Viswanathan Anand

The most exciting games of the London Chess Classic 2012 would probably be the Round 8 encounter between World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura. The game diluted to an endgame with a plus for White, but soon enough Nakamura had the tide turn in his favor. However, in the nervous tension, Nakamura handed the chances back to White and had to settle for a draw. Replay the game with Chess King. In the position on the left, Black plays 50. …b2 and hangs in for a draw. Black’s 50. …a3 would have easily secured the win because Black would be threatening to make two not one Queen and would not be worried about a checkmate or Queen promotion by White. However, 50. …b2 changed all that and put the pressure on Black.

Anand, Viswanathan – Nakamura, Hikaru

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: London ENG
Date: 2012.12.09

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 ¤f6 5.¤c3 a6 6.h3 e5 7.¤de2 h5 8.¥g5 ¥e6 9.¥xf6 £xf6 10.¤d5 £d8 11.¤ec3 ¤d7 12.¥c4 g6 13.a4 ¥h6 14.a5 ¦c8 15.¥a2 O-O 16.O-O ¢g7 17.b4 ¦c6 18.£d3 £g5 19.¦fd1 ¦fc8 20.¥b3 f5 21.exf5 gxf5 22.¤e2 f4 23.¤dxf4 ¥xb3 24.h4 £g4 25.f3 ¥xc2 26.fxg4 ¥xd3 27.¤xh5+ ¢g8 28.¦xd3 ¥f8 29.¢h2 ¦c4 30.¢h3 ¦xb4 31.¦f3 ¦c2 32.¤c3 e4 33.¦g3 ¦d2 34.¦e1 d5 35.¤f4 ¦bd4 36.¤cxd5 ¦xd5 37.¤xd5 ¦xd5 38.¦xe4 ¦xa5 39.g5 ¦a3 40.¦e8 ¦xg3+ 41.¢xg3 b5 42.¦d8 ¤c5 43.¦b8 ¢f7 44.g6+ ¢g7 45.¢g4 b4 46.h5 b3 47.¢f5 ¥d6 48.¦b4 a5 49.¦b6 a4 50.¦xd6 b2

(-3.39|d14 50…a3 (0:00:00) 50.Rxd6 51.¦c6 b2 (0:00:20) 50…a3)

51.¦b6 a3 52.¢g5 ¤e4+ 53.¢f4 a2 54.¦b7+ ¢f8 55.¦xb2 a1=£ 56.¦b8+ ¢e7 57.¢xe4 £e1+

(57…£a4+ 58.¢e5 £c6 59.¦b1 £c5+ 60.¢f4 £d4+ 61.¢g5 £e3+ 62.¢f5 £d3+ 63.¢g5 £xb1 64.g4 £c1+ 65.¢f5 £e3 66.h6 £xh6 67.g5 £h3+ 68.¢f4 £d3 69.¢g4 £xg6 70.¢f4 ¢f7 71.¢g4 ¢g7 72.¢h4 £d3 (0:00:05) 57.Kxe4)

58.¢f3 £c3+

(58…£d1+ 59.¢e3 £d5 60.¦b4 £c5+ 61.¦d4 £xh5 62.g7 £g5+ 63.¢f3 £f6+ 64.¦f4 £xg7 65.¦e4+ ¢f6 66.¦f4+ ¢e6 67.g4 £c3+ 68.¢e2 £c2+ 69.¢e3 £b3+ 70.¢f2 £d5 71.¢g3 (0:00:03) 58.Kf3)

59.¢g4 £d4+ 60.¢h3 £d3+

(60…£e3+ 61.¢g4 £e2+ 62.¢h4 £xg2 63.¦b4 £f2+ 64.¢g4 £g1+ 65.¢h3 ¢f6 66.¦g4 £h1+ 67.¢g3 ¢g7 68.¦h4 £d5 69.h6+ ¢xg6 70.h7 £e5+ 71.¢f3 £f5+ 72.¢g3 £d3+ 73.¢g2 £c2+ 74.¢f3 £c3+ 75.¢g4 £d4+ 76.¢h3 £e3+ 77.¢g4 £g5+ 78.¢h3 £f5+ 79.¢g3 £d3+ (0:00:00) 60.Kh3)

61.¢h4 £e4+ 62.g4 £e1+ 63.¢h3 £e3+ 64.¢h4 £e1+ 65.¢h3 £e3+

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