London Chess Classic 2010: Piece-Down Carlsen Drew With Kramnik

Looking through the World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen’s games we are particularly reminded of 2010 when he escaped with a draw against former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik. The setting was the sixth round of the second edition of the London Chess Classic. Kramnik had outplayed Carlsen all the way and eventually liquidated into an endgame that would have “obviously been won”, but that’s why Goddess Caissa can be particularly cruel at times. Kramnik allowed the Black King to penetrate way too far and ended up in a draw. In fact, there is a deep mate available on the 69th move, but the question remains: Is it possible for a human to work it out? The game was a memorable one that reflected Carlsen’s intense desire to fight on the chessboard. Here is the game:

Kramnik,V (2791) – Carlsen,M (2802)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: London ENG
Date: 2010.12.14

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 ¤c6 3.¤f3 ¥g4 4.¤c3 e6 5.¥f4 ¥d6 6.¥g3 ¤f6 7.e3 O-O 8.a3 ¤e7 9.£b3 b6 10.¤e5 c5 11.¤xg4 ¤xg4 12.¦d1 ¥xg3 13.hxg3 ¤f6 14.cxd5 exd5 15.¥e2 £d6 16.£c2 h6 17.O-O c4 18.b3 £xa3 19.bxc4 dxc4 20.¥f3 ¦ab8 21.¦a1 £d6 22.¤b5 £d7 23.£xc4 a5 24.e4 ¦fc8 25.£e2 ¦c6 26.¦ab1 ¦d8 27.¦fd1 ¦dc8 28.d5 ¦c2 29.£e3 ¦2c5 30.¤d4 ¦e8 31.£d3 £d6 32.£a6 ¦b8 33.¤b3 ¦c2 34.¤d4 ¦c5 35.¤b3 ¦c2 36.£d3 ¦cc8 37.¤d2 ¤g6 38.¥e2 £c5 39.¦b5 £c3 40.f4 a4 41.e5 ¤d7 42.£xc3 ¦xc3 43.¤e4 ¦c7 44.¦a1 ¦a7 45.d6 ¤gf8 46.¤c3 ¤c5 47.¤d5 ¦a5 48.¦xb6 ¦xb6 49.¤xb6 ¤fe6 50.¥c4 ¢f8 51.f5 ¤d8 52.¦f1 ¤cb7 53.¦e1 a3 54.e6 fxe6 55.fxe6 ¤xd6 56.e7+ ¢e8 57.exd8=¦+ ¢xd8 58.¦d1 ¢c7 59.¥a2 ¦g5 60.¤d5+ ¢c6 61.¤c3 ¦c5 62.¦xd6+ ¢xd6 63.¤e4+ ¢c6 64.¤xc5 ¢xc5 65.¢f2 ¢d4 66.¢f3 ¢d3 67.g4 ¢d2 68.¥e6 ¢d3 69.¢g3 ¢e3 70.¢h4 ¢f2 71.¥d5 g6 72.¢h3 g5 73.¢h2 ¢f1 74.¥e6 ¢f2 75.¥c4 ¢e3 76.¢g3 ¢d4 77.¥e6 ¢e3 78.¢h2 ¢f2 79.¥c4 ¢e3 80.¢g1 ¢f4 81.¥e6 ¢e5 82.¥b3 ¢f4 83.¥e6 ¢e5 84.¥b3 ¢f4 85.¥e6 ¢e5 86.¥b3

5 Responses to “London Chess Classic 2010: Piece-Down Carlsen Drew With Kramnik”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    is it a coincidence that you chose kramnik’s game on his birthday?

  • JC Sanchez says:

    The figurines for the notation are wrong.

  • admin says:

    It depends what browser you use, it seems Internet Explorer has problems. Try Chome, or Firefox, or Safari! It works on iPad and iPhone.

  • JC Sanchez says:

    Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have problems. Safari OK.

  • Steppenwolf, Berlin says:

    Nice game will always remember that one. We were in the audience and boy what a complete mad state it was. Thanks for reminding such exciting memories. I like your collection of chess stuff both here and on

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