Killer Chess Move: Find White’s Winning Idea

A nice endgame position where White just needs to find that one most vulnerable spot and finish off Black. Can you see White’s winning idea, or killer move? You don’t have to calculate all the way if you find the right idea. Everything else will fall in place. Have a week full of chess puzzles with Chess King.

Endgame Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.£d6 threatening checkmate with Qxc5 1…b6 (1…£e3 2.£c7+ b6 3.£c6 £xc3+ 4.¢xc3 b5 5.£xc5 ¢a4 6.£b4#) 2.£d7 now threatening checkmate with Qa4 2…£xc4+ 3.¢xc4 b5+ 4.¢xc5 ¢a4 5.£d1+ ¢a3 (5…¢a5 6.£a1#) 6.£b1 a5 white’s winning now without fear of stalemate

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