Istanbul Chess Olympiad Round 10: Think Like Aronian, Beat Giri

In the position on the left, Anish Giri has just played 33.Nd5 forking the Black Rooks. Black actually already has a plus, but from now on it’s sheer technique and a clear-cut killer winning plan. Don’t worry about calculating all the next 10 moves, just spot the magic move here and the right rough plan for Black! Replay the full game with Chess King. Read the Round 10 report from the 40th Chess Olympiad on Chess Blog.

If Black tries to save Rbc6, it’s a draw and if Black tries Rfc6, it’s even a win for White!

Giri, Anish (2711) – Aronian, Levon (2816)

Result: 0-1
Site: 0:02.22-0:01.06
Date: 2012.09.07

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.¤f3 ¤f6 4.£b3 e6 5.g3 ¥e7 6.¥g2 O-O 7.O-O ¤bd7 8.¥f4 a5 9.¦c1 h6 10.a4 ¤e4 11.¤fd2 ¤d6 12.¥xd6 ¥xd6 13.e4 dxe4 14.¤xe4 ¥b4 15.c5 ¤f6 16.£c4 ¤xe4 17.¥xe4 ¢h8 18.¥g2 e5 19.d5 f5 20.dxc6 e4 21.cxb7 ¥xb7 22.c6 ¥a6 23.£b3 ¦c8 24.¤c3 ¦xc6 25.¤d5 ¥c5 26.¥f1 f4 27.¤xf4 ¥xf2+ 28.¢h1 ¦b6 29.£c2 e3 30.¥g2 £e8 31.£c5 ¦ff6 32.¦c2 g5 33.¤d5 e2

(33…¦bc6 34.£xa5 ¦xc2 35.¤xf6 £c8 36.£e5 ¦c1+ 37.¥f1 ¥xg3 38.£d4 ¥b7+ 39.¤e4+ ¢h7 40.¦xc1 £xc1 41.£d7+ ¢g6 42.£e6+ ¢g7 43.£f6+ ¢h7 44.£f7+ ¢h8 45.£f6+ ¢h7 46.£f7+ (0:00:27) 33.Nd5)
(33…¦fc6 34.£d4+ ¢g8 35.¤c7 ¦d6 36.£xd6 ¦xd6 37.¤xe8 ¦b6 38.¦c3 ¥e2 39.¤c7 ¥h5 40.¤d5 ¦e6 41.¦c8+ ¢h7 42.¦c7+ ¢g6 43.¦e7 ¦xe7 44.¤xe7+ ¢f6 (0:00:04) 33…Rfc6)

34.£xa5 e1=£+ 35.¦xe1 £xe1+ 36.£xe1 ¥xe1 37.¤xb6 ¦xb6 38.¦c6 ¦xc6 39.¥xc6 ¢g7 40.¢g2 ¢f6 41.¥f3 ¢e5 42.h4 ¥c8 43.hxg5 hxg5 44.¢f1 ¥xg3 45.b4 ¢d4 46.a5 ¢c4 47.a6 ¥b8 48.¥b7

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