Indonesia Chess Open 2013: Hoang Thanh Trang – Oliver Barbosa 1-0

Black has just played 12. …Qxd2+ What should White do?

The Indonesia Chess Open 2013 has begun in Jakarta with 38 Grandmasters in a field of just over 100 players. Tough competition is expected right from the start. Here is an interesting game between Hoang Thanh Trang and Oliver Barbosa from Round 4. You can read a report on the event at Chess Blog. Replay the game with the Chess King applet below.

Hoang Thanh Trang – Oliver Barbosa

Result: 1-0
Site: Jakarta
Date: 12.10.13

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.♘f3 ♘f6 4.♕c2 dxc4 5.♕xc4 ♗g4 6.♘c3 ♘bd7 7.e4 ♗xf3 8.gxf3 e5 9.dxe5 ♘xe5 10.♕e2 ♗c5 11.♗d2 ♘h5 12.f4 ♕xd2+ no Hoang Thanh Trang won’t take with Queen 13.♔xd2

13.♕xd2 ♘f3+ 14.♔e2 ♘xd2 15.♔xd2 ♘xf4 16.♔e1 O-O 17.♖g1 ♖ad8 18.♖g4 ♘g6 19.♗e2 ♘e5 20.♖g1 ♖fe8 21.♖d1 ♖xd1+ 22.♘xd1 g6 (0:00:08) 12…Qdxd2+

13…♘xf4 14.♕d1 O-O-O+ 15.♘d5 cxd5 16.♕c1 dxe4+ 17.♔c2 ♘ed3 18.♗xd3 ♘xd3 19.♕g5 ♖d5 20.♕xg7 (20.♕xd5 ♘b4+ and forks the Queen giving Black a material edge) 20…♗d4 21.♕xf7 ♖c5+ 22.♔d2 ♔b8 23.♕e7 ♗e5 24.♖he1 ♗f4+ 25.♖e3 ♗g5 26.♕xe4 ♘xf2 27.♕b4 Rd5 or Rd8 were good enough options but Black chose Rf5 27…♖f5 28.♖ae1 ♖e8 yes, the Rook on e3 is pinned, but… here comes white’s play 29.♕d6+ ♔a8 30.♔c2 ♗xe3 31.♖xe3 ♖c8+ 32.♖c3 ♖ff8 33.♖xc8+ ♖xc8+ 34.♔b1 ♘e4 35.♕d7 ♔b8 36.a3 h6 37.♕e6 ♘d2+ 38.♔a2 ♖c6 39.♕e8+ ♔c7 40.♕f7+ ♔c8 41.♕f5+ ♔c7 42.♕a5+ The knight falls… and White heads for a win (42.♕f4+ ♖d6)

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