How to Prepare with Chess King to Beat World Chess Champion Vishy Anand!

We have just received a lot of queries from Chess King users about whether they could actually use this amazing software to prepare for a match against the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand, his challenger Boris Gelfand, super-strong players like Peter Svidler… or, even Gary Kasparov!

Our answer is ‘Of course, Yes!’

Chess King can help you prepare for any of your next opponents from someone in the amateur section of the rating list to someone right at the top.

The biggest stress at chess tournaments is to begin a game not knowing what your opponent would play. You might even worry that your opponent knows an opening better than you could play it. In fact, you might even be on the defensive if you have not studied that particular opening for a long time. It is so important to know what your opponent is good at – particularly opening ideas.



Chess King is your private coach – a sumo chess wrestler coach of sorts – when it comes to preparing for an opponent in a chess tournament.
Just go to the Database mode, search for the player you will be playing, and you will be shown all the openings he or she plays. It’s like being shown a choice of 3 questions for the next school examination, instead of the possible hundreds. Of course it’s possible that he will play yet another opening, but then he will be in an unfamiliar situation, having never played that opening before, and that will give you, if anything, a psychological advantage.
So, are you ready to prepare to play World Chess Champion Vishy Anand? Train with Chess King and you would soon be!
Find a complete tutorial on how to train with the ultimate professional chess software Chess King.

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