Halloween Chess King Puzzle: Why Draw when You can Win!

Happy Chess Halloween everyone. Here’s a puzzle for White to play and win. Don’t be scared to play for a win, don’t settle for a draw easily. All it takes is some fighting chess! Enjoy solving this puzzle to find the winning idea and check out these Chess Queen™ Halloween photos of 12th World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Did you figure it out? Check out the Houdini analysis in the Chess King applet.

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¥c3+ £b2 2.¥f6 ¢b1 3.£f5+ £c2 4.£b5+ ¢c1 5.¥g5+ £d2 6.¥xd2+ ¢xd2 7.£a6 ¢c3 8.£xa2 ¢d4 9.¢f2 ¢e4 10.£a5 ¢d4 11.¢f3 ¢c4 12.¢e3 ¢b3 13.¢d4 ¢b2 14.£c3+ ¢a2 15.£c1 ¢b3 16.£b1+ ¢a4 17.¢c4 ¢a3 18.£a1# (0:00:59) 1.

6 Responses to “Halloween Chess King Puzzle: Why Draw when You can Win!”

  • dudeirock says:

    um…. why not Qc1+ Qb1 Bc3# ??????

  • anonymous says:

    Qc1check is not possible dude it is pinned against the king

  • dudeirock says:

    oh thanks i had missed that :)

  • Jason Bourne, Los Angeles says:

    Hello everyone want to point out something White can play 2Bf6 or Bh8 the idea is that the Black Queen does not capture with a check. Then also on 5.Bg5+ Black King has to bring Qd2 because if the Black King goes to d1 then Qf1 is checkmate! Very difficult puzzle. Quite suitable for Halloween I would say.

  • Lutz Neweklowsky says:

    Sorry, the solution above is wrong ! The correct solution is mate in 16 moves , not in 18 moves :
    13.Kd3! Kb2
    14.Qb4+ Ka2
    15.Kc3 Ka1
    kindly regards from Germany

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    I think we just had to find the winning idea in the position so the eventual long checkmate with the Queen and King remaining is just one of the branches. I liked the puzzle for it’s concept.

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