GigaKing Chess Games Database on sale for $19

Hi everyone!
You can now update your chess software to contain more than 5,280,000 games, which are all the relevant tournament and master games since the 16th century to the end of 2011. You will then get for free updates for the whole year 2012. The games are provided in universal PGN format, which is compatible with all major chess software programs. Why pay more? By the way, the GigaKing database is included for free in the new Chess King with Houdini 2, now on sale for only $49 (with introduction coupon INTROKING49), which is a great deal, since Chess King includes both Houdini 2 and GigaKing Database, which together would cost more than the price of Chess King alone, and you get a professional chess software package with 1500+ puzzles and an exclusive random playing mode. Buy GigaKing & Chess King.

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