Game 6: Carlsen Forces Win again out of Drawn Position, Leads 4-2 vs Anand at World Chess Match 2013 in Chennai

Game 6 at the Chennai World Chess Championship was another win for Magnus Carlsen playing Black versus reigning World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand. The Norwegian once again was in his comfort zone with a game that was almost dead drawn right up to the 59th move when 60. b4 would have held a draw for White. Suddenly things went downhill and Magnus Carlsen, not the one to show any kindness to his opponents, won the second game in a row at the Championship. He leads 4-2. Read a report on Chess Blog. You can replay the game with Chess King below.

Anand, Viswanathan (2775) – Carlsen, Magnus (2870)

Result: 0-1
Site: Chennai
Date: 2013.11.16

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.♗b5 ♘f6 4.d3 ♗c5 5.c3 O-O 6.O-O ♖e8 7.♖e1 a6 8.♗a4 b5 9.♗b3 d6 10.♗g5 ♗e6 11.♘bd2 h6 12.♗h4 ♗xb3 13.axb3 ♘b8 14.h3 ♘bd7 15.♘h2 ♕e7 16.♘df1 ♗b6 17.♘e3 ♕e6 18.b4 a5 19.bxa5 ♗xa5 20.♘hg4 ♗b6 21.♗xf6 ♘xf6 22.♘xf6+ ♕xf6 23.♕g4 ♗xe3 24.fxe3 ♕e7 25.♖f1 c5 26.♔h2 c4 27.d4 ♖xa1 28.♖xa1 ♕b7

28…exd4 29.exd4 ♕xe4 30.♕xe4 ♖xe4 31.♖a8+ ♔h7 32.♖b8 ♔g6

29.♖d1 ♕c6 30.♕f5 exd4 31.♖xd4 ♖e5 32.♕f3 ♕c7 33.♔h1 ♕e7 34.♕g4 ♔h7 35.♕f4 g6 36.♔h2 ♔g7 37.♕f3 ♖e6 38.♕g3 (38.♕f4) (38.♕g4) 38…♖xe4 still good enough for a draw despite pawn loss 39.♕xd6 ♖xe3 40.♕xe7 ♖xe7 41.♖d5 ♖b7 42.♖d6 f6 43.h4 Carlsen said he did not foresee 43.h4 43…♔f7 44.h5 gxh5 45.♖d5 ♔g6 46.♔g3 ♖b6 47.♖c5 f5 48.♔h4 ♖e6 49.♖xb5 ♖e4+ 50.♔h3 ♔g5 51.♖b8 h4 52.♖g8+ ♔h5 53.♖f8 ♖f4 54.♖c8 ♖g4 55.♖f8 ♖g3+ 56.♔h2 ♔g5 57.♖g8+ ♔f4 58.♖c8 ♔e3 59.♖xc4 f4 60.♖a4

60.b4 h3 61.gxh3 ♖g6 62.♖c7 f3 63.♖e7+ ♔d3 64.b5 f2 65.♖f7 ♔e3 66.♖e7+ ♔f3 67.♖f7+ ♔e2 68.♖e7+ ♔f1 69.c4 ♖g2+ 70.♔h1 ♖g3 71.♔h2 ♖b3 72.♖f7 h5 73.h4 ♖c3 74.b6 ♖xc4 75.b7 (0:00:05) 59…f4

60…h3 61.gxh3 ♖g6 62.c4 getting difficult to hold now 62…f3 disaster now… 63.♖a3+ ♔e2 64.b4 f2 65.♖a2+ ♔f3 66.♖a3+ ♔f4 67.♖a8 ♖g1 68….

68.♖f8+ ♔e3 69.♖e8+ ♔d4 70.♖d8+ ♔xc4 71.♖c8+ ♔d5 72.♖f8 f1=♕ 73.♖xf1 ♖xf1 74.♔g3 ♔e6 75.b5 ♖b1 76.♔f2 ♖xb5 77.♔e3 ♖b3+ 78.♔f4 ♖xh3 79.♔e4 h5 80.♔d4 h4 81.♔e4 ♖b3 82.♔d4 h3 83.♔c4 ♖g3 84.♔c5 ♖g4 85.♔c6 h2 86.♔c7 h1=♕ 87.♔d8 ♕d1+ 88.♔c8 ♕c1+ 89.♔b7 ♕b1+ 90.♔c8 ♖c4+ 91.♔d8 ♕b8# (0:00:00) 67…Rg1

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