Mid-Week Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two

A nice checkmate in two for your Thursday evening chess puzzle. Help White plug all the escape squares for the Black King. White to play and checkmate in two.

Checkmate in two

Result: 1-0
Date: 1-0

[…] 1.£a5 ¥c7 (0:00:20) 1.

(1…¥d6 the Black Bishop going anywhere on the b8-h7 diagonal does not stop the checkmate on d8 though it stops the checkmate on c7

(1…b6 using the pawn to cut off the White Queen from the a5-d8 diagonal does not work either as a6 becomes the killer square

2.£a6# (0:00:01) 1…b6)


(+299.99|d1 2.£xc7# (0:00:00) 1…Bc7)

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