Fighting Chess Game of the Week: Wang Hao’s King March beats Fabiano Caruana at 7th Kings’ Tournament

In the 9th round of Kings Tournament in Bucharest, the leader Fabiano Caruana unexpectedly lost with the white pieces to Wang Hao. Caruana got a huge advantage versus the Petroff and then started losing only to miss out a draw in time trouble. Here are all the spills, chills, and thrills of the game including Wang Hao’s brave King march! Replay the game with Chess King.

Caruana,F (2779) – Wang Hao (2733)

Result: 0-1
Site: Bucharest ROU
Date: 2013.10.15

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.♘f3 ♘f6 3.♘xe5 d6 4.♘f3 ♘xe4 5.♘c3 ♘xc3 6.dxc3 ♗e7 7.♗e3 O-O 8.♕d2 b6 9.O-O-O ♗b7 10.♘d4 ♘c6 11.♘f5 ♗f6 12.♘g3 ♘e7 13.♘h5 ♘f5 14.♗f4 ♗e5 15.h4 g6 16.♗d3 gxh5 17.♗xf5 ♕f6 18.♗xe5 dxe5 19.♗d3 ♔g7 20.♕e2 e4 21.♗c4 ♕h6+ 22.♔b1 ♖ad8 23.a3 f5 24.♗b3 ♔g6 25.♖h3 f4 26.♖xd8 ♖xd8 27.g4 c5 28.♖h1 f3 29.♕c4 ♗d5 30.♕a4 ♗xb3 31.cxb3 ♕f4 32.♖e1 hxg4 33.♖xe4 ♕f5 34.♔a2 ♔h5 35.♖e1 h6 36.♕xa7 g3 37.fxg3 f2 38.♖f1 ♔g4 39.♕g7+ ♔f3 40.g4 ♕f4 41.♕b7+ ♔e2 42.♖b1 ♖d3 43.♕g2 ♖d1 44.♖xd1 ♔xd1 45.♕f1+ ♔d2 46.g5 hxg5 47.hxg5 ♕g3 48.♕b5 ♕d3

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