f7-Attack Chess Puzzle: Can White win?

Chess is beautiful when you can create a balance between optical illusions, immediate threats, pure calculation and a subtle idea. Here is a position from Krasenkov-Hickl, Jakarta, 1996. Black has just taken the Knight on c3 with the Queen. White can see the immediate threat of Qxf7, but what after the Black King moves to h8? We have nothing really. So, can you think of something else for White to play and win?

Indeed, the subtle Qc7 is the winner! Now, the Black Rook has no good square to go to. Ra8 falls to the White Rb8, Re8 falls to Bxf7+ and Rf8 falls to the cool Qxf7! When Rook takes the Q on f7, the Bishop pins it allowing Rb8 again. The game continuation in the Chess King applet also loses!

Krasenkow Michal (POL) (2605) – Hickl Joerg (GER) (2600)

Result: 1-0
Site: Jakarta (Indonesia)
Date: 1996

[…] 23.£c7 £d4 24.¥d5

2 Responses to “f7-Attack Chess Puzzle: Can White win?”

  • dudeirock says:

    black could just move his rook to f8, to safety, and preventing Qxf7.
    i thought it meant white to play and checkmate

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    Hi dudeirock, greetins from new zealand, check the answer in the text below the advert in the post. Rf8 is also lost because Q takes f7 pawn and the Rook takes then it gets pinned by the Bishop. Now Rb8 is again leading to checkmate

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