Exciting Chess Blitz Video: Mikhail Kobalia – Alexandra Kosteniuk 0-1

A chess blitz game played on February 14, 2013, in Moscow, at the super strong Aeroflot Open Blitz Tournament. This is the first game of the mini-match between GM Mikhail Kobalia (Elo 2636) and the 12th women’s world chess champion chess queen Alexandra Kosteniuk (Elo 2581). After this game Kosteniuk will have a perfect 7 points after 7 rounds. The middle game is very tense, and Kobalia seems to be ahead with a Rook and 3 pawns for two bishops. With seconds on the clock, Kosteniuk manages to make the bishops spring to life, and wins the game. Read Alexandra’s post about this tournament at ChessQueen.com.

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