Endgame-Technique Chess Puzzle: Can White Escape with Draw?

How well do you remember your chess endgame technique? White is material down, but can White escape with a draw?

Hint: Remember that rule about wrong-color Bishop? A pawn cannot be promoted to Queen if your Bishop is not of the same color the pawn will Queen on for files a and h if the opponent’s King can jam himself into the Queening square and get stalemated!

Endgame Chess Puzzle

Result: 1/2-1/2

[…] 1.¦h8+ ¦c8

(1…¥e8 2.¦xe8+ ¦c8 and the draw can be achieved easily 3.¦xc8+ ¢xc8 “with the Bishop versus two pawns” or you could even try some lines suggested by Houdini

(4.¥e6+ ¢b8 5.¥d5 a6 6.¢a5 b6+ 7.¢xb6 ¢c8 8.¥a2 ¢d8 9.¢xa6 (0:00:07) 3…Kxc8)

4…¢c7 5.¥d5 a5 6.¥xb7 ¢xb7 (0:00:07) 3…Kxc8)

2.¦xc8+ ¢xc8 3.¥a6 Now the pawn on b6 gets pinned 3…¥d5 (3…¢c7 4.¥xb7) 4.¥xb7+ It’s a draw now because the White King will run to a1 and Black has the wrong-color Bishop to prevent draw

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