Endgame Chess Puzzle: How does White win?

A very interesting chess puzzle for you tonight – There’s going to be a pawn rush in this puzzle for sure. However, the problem is that Black can force a draw if White tries Rg1 0r Rc2! Can you win this for White?

Pawn race chess puzzle

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♖a1

1.♖g1 doesnt work 1…a1=♕ 2.♖xa1 ♔xa1 3.♔e3 ♔b2 4.♔f4 ♔c3 5.♔g5 ♔d4 6.♔xg6 ♔e4 7.♔xh5 ♔f5 and the Black King will easily hold draw by controlling h8 or keeping the White King trapped on the g-file. 8.♔h6 ♔f6 9.♔h7 (9.h5 ♔f7 10.♔h7) 9…♔f7 10.h5 ♔f8 11.♔g6 ♔g8 12.h6 ♔h8
1.♖c2+ ♔a1 (1…♔b1 2.♖xa2 ♔xa2 3.♔e3 ♔b3 4.♔f4 ♔c4 5.♔g5 ♔d5 6.♔xg6 ♔e4 7.♔xh5 ♔f5) 2.♔c1 loses… but Black won’t play that

1…♔b3 works similarly even if King goes a3 (1…♔xa1 2.♔c2 g5 3.hxg5 h4 4.g6 h3 5.g7 h2 6.g8=♕ h1=♕ 7.♕g7#) 2.♔c1 ♔a3 3.♔c2 ♔b4 4.♖xa2 ♔b5 5.♖a7 winning now

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