Endgame Chess King Puzzle: Bishop vs Queen!

White to play and win


Can you take on Houdini this Tuesday? Here is an endgame Chess King Puzzle. White to play and win. Yes, the Black pawn on a2 is Queening! You will find the answer when you expand this post in our special Chess King game player.








A Troitzky, Novoye vremya – –

Result: 1-0
Date: 1898

[…] 1.¥c7+ +2.97 1…¢e4 +2.97 2.d3+ +2.97 2…¢d4 +2.97 3.¥d6 +1.34 3…a1=£ 4.¥f8 £a7 5.¥c5+ £xc5 6.bxc5 ¢xc5 7.cxb5 +9.47 7…¢xb5 +9.47

4 Responses to “Endgame Chess King Puzzle: Bishop vs Queen!”

  • Jason Bourne, LA says:

    that’s not really solvable is it?

  • Neo Trinity, In the Matrix says:

    Guess it also works with 3.c3 instead of Bd6 but surely c3 would take way too long. nice idea the queen on a1 cannot go across the first rank at all.

  • Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    V tough solution

  • Max Bouaraba says:

    Hi, I found a different solution which I think is much more easier?!

    Bc7+ – Ke4
    d3+ – Kd4
    c3+ – Kxc3
    Be5+ – Kxb4
    cxb5 – Kxb5
    Ba1! – Kb4
    d4 and white will win easily

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