Dr Karl Faber Chess Study: White Checkmates in Three

A cool chess study by Dr Karl Fabel. White has to checkmate in three. Are you ready? Don’t jump to any conclusions, calculate carefully :)

Dr Karl Faber Chess Study

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.a4

1.♘c7+ that actually doesn’t work in three for checkmate 1…♔a7 2.♘xa6 bxa6
1.♕f5 ♗xb5+ 2.♔e7 ♔a7 or other lines so Qf5 doesn’t work for checkmate in three


1…♗xb5+ 2.axb5 g4 (2…♔a7 3.♕a3# (0:00:14) 1.a4) 3.♕a3#

2.♕a3 ♗xb5+ 3.axb5# (0:12:27) 1.

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