Double-Solution Chess Tactic: White Checkmates in Three

Here’s a regular N+B checkmate motif. White can checkmate in three. Can you solve both the two methods to do this? Improve your chess with Chess King!

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¤b3+

(1.¤e2 ¢a2 2.¤c1+ ¢a1 3.¥c3# (0:00:08) 1.)

1…¢a2 2.¤c1+ ¢a1 3.¥c3# (0:00:05) 1.

One Response to “Double-Solution Chess Tactic: White Checkmates in Three”

  • S.N. Colombo says:

    Another of those Knight Bishop ones – great – I believe it does matter to study such stuff recently there was news that Women’s World Chess Champion Anna Ushenina missed a N+B checkmate the pressure can really get to you.

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