Crushing Attack in Chess Game Sadeghi – Studer

Hassan Sadeghi plays and wins against Noël StuderOur reader, expatriate USCF Chess Master Hassan Sadeghi sent us his recent game against Noël Studer in a tournament in Switzerland. In this position, Sadeghi played a crushing move which forced his opponent to resign just a few moves later. Can you find it? The solution and the rest of game can be played out in the applet below, exported in one click from the chess software Chess King.

H.R. Sadeghi (2220) – N. Studer (2300)

Result: 1-0
Site: Berne
Date: 2012.10.28

[…] 1.d4 e6 2.¤f3 ¤f6 3.¥g5 c5 4.e3 b6 5.¤bd2 ¥b7 6.¥d3 h6 7.¥h4 ¥e7 8.O-O O-O 9.£e2 d6 10.c3 ¤bd7 11.¦ac1 ¦e8 12.¦fd1 +0.0412…e5 N +0.33 This move has never been played before in competition

(12…d5 +0.04 13.¥g3 +0.00
(13.c4 ¤e4 14.¥xe7 £xe7 15.cxd5 exd5 16.¥a6 ¥xa6 17.£xa6 …1/2-1/2, Jensen Jacob Bjerre 2167 – Einarsson Bergsteinn 2257 , Espoo 2000 Ch Nordic (juniors))

13…c4 +0.04 14.¥c2 +0.04 14…¤h5 +0.04)

(12…¦c8 13.h3 £c7 14.¥g3 ¥f8 15.¥b1 c4 16.e4 e5 17.d5 …1/2-1/2, Woloszyn Florent 2023 – Bollengier Andreea 2215 , Fontenilles 3/ 8/2011 It (open))
(12…£c7 13.e4 ¦ac8 14.e5 ¤d5 15.£e4 ¤f8 16.¥xe7 ¦xe7 17.£h4 …0-1, Martinez Fernandez Silverio Juan – Iniesta Jose Luis, Lorca 2003 Memorial Narciso Yepes (open))
(12…¤h5 13.¥g3 ¥f8 14.e4 e5 15.dxe5 dxe5 16.¥c4 ¤f4 17.£e1 …1-0, Dresen Ulrich 2316 – Lemanczyk Thomas 2248 , Hilden 2002 Tournament)
(12…a6 13.¥b1 ¦c8 14.h3 b5 15.¥g3 ¥f8 16.e4 cxd4 17.cxd4 …0-1, Hebden Mark 2468 – Emms John M 2484 , Southend 4/10/2009 Memorial Jack Speigel (cat.10))

13.dxe5! +0.40* It’s important to open the d file

13…dxe5 +0.3314.¥xf6 +0.3214…¥xf6 +0.48 (14…¤xf6 +0.33 is slightly better) 15.¤e4 +0.4815…£c7 +0.79*

(15…¥c6 “+0.48 was possible” 16.¥b5 +0.44 16…£c7 +0.52 17.¥xc6 +0.48 17…£xc6 +0.52)

16.¥b5 +0.13*

(16.¤d6 ” would have been better” +0.80 16…¦f8 +0.72
(16…e4 17.¤xe8 ¦xe8 18.¥b5 +1.06 18…exf3 19.¦xd7 +1.90)

17.¤b5 +0.68 17…£b8 +0.76)

16…¦ed8? +1.76*

(16…¥xe4 “holds on to the game” +0.15 17.¦xd7 +0.18 17…£c8 +0.22
(17…¥xf3? 18.£xf3 +1.86 wins (18.£c4 +1.47 should also win for white) )

18.¦cd1 +0.18 (18.¦xf7 ¥xf3 19.£c4 ¥e2 20.£d5 ¥xb5 21.¦xf6+ ¢h8) 18…¦f8 “””+0.11 black is under pressure but almost ok. Now after the mistaken rook move by black comes a great combination by the expatriate USCF master Sadeghi”””)

17.¦xd7 !! Very nice! +1.7217…¦xd7 +1.6618.¤xf6+ +1.64* creates many weak squares for black which will soon decide the game’s fate

18…gxf6 +1.6119.¤h4 “! The invasion by the Knight and Queen is deadly. White owns the squares f5, g4, h5″ +1.61

19…¢h7? +4.64* The last mistake

(19…¢h8 ” is better but still leaves white a big edge” +1.65

20.£h5 +1.65 20…¥e4 +1.75 21.£xh6+ +1.55 21…¢g8 +1.55 22.¥xd7 £xd7 23.£xf6 + 1.72)

20.£h5! +5.1020…¥e4 +4.9321.¤f5! +4.9321…¢g8 +299.97

(21…¥xf5 22.£xf5+ ¢g7 23.¥xd7 and white is a piece up, while the black king is weak)

22.£g4+ mate follows after Queen g7 then Queen g8

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