Cool Chess Tactic: Trick Your Opponent with his Own Idea!

Chess is great fun if your opponent is tricked into a trap that has actually been created from his own route of thinking! Here is an interesting position from Tarasov-Asadov, Soviet Union, 1978. We can guess what is Black thinking: White will play Qf6+ and we can trade Queens with Qg7 and no problems. In fact, that was what was played. In the position on the left, White played Qf6. However, on Black’s Qg7, White found the trick win. Can you?

Tarasov – Asadov

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.£f6+ £g7 2.¦e7 £xf6 3.¦xh7#

No, the Black Queen cannot check the White King from g1 because the White Queen on f6 is pinning her!

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