Cool Chess Study by W. Bone: White Wins

Here is a cool chess study by W. Bone. How can White play and win this position despite being Queen down.

Chess study by W. Bone

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.c7+ ♔xc7 (1…♕xc7 2.♗a5 ♕xa5 3.♘c6+) (1…♔d7 2.c8=♕+) 2.♗f4 ♕xf4 3.♘d5+

3 Responses to “Cool Chess Study by W. Bone: White Wins”

  • Zak says:

    The Chess Board here allows the user to play moves
    (unless there is a check mate and game is over).
    However it is found that after a pawn is promoted,
    it will not change the Pawn into Promoted piece.
    This is only when a user plays (Not applicable for games with
    predefined FEN/PGN data move list).

  • Chess King Admin says:

    Yes Zak we are looking into it. Do check at your end as well if you get the same on any other computer.

  • Zak says:


    I have tested it on other computers and seems like missing piece of script.
    1> If piece is promoted on Opponent’s ‘Blank Square’ then game hangs.
    2> If piece is promoted by ‘Taking Opponent’s Piece’ then square shows two pieces in one square and then hangs.

    This script is the sub product of Taskplayer by Zruty / Chessok.

    Please let me know when it is fixed or if i can help in it.

    Thanks…. Your site rocks !!!

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