Cool Chess Study by Galitsky: White Wins

Mate in 3 chess problem by Galitsky. White to play and win, but how? Remember not to stalemate Black. This nice puzzle is brought to you from our #1 database of chess puzzles and video podcasts. It’s all about having fun and learning chess to play killer games. Check your solution with the video podcast below hosted by 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk.

2 Responses to “Cool Chess Study by Galitsky: White Wins”

  • alexis, nz says:

    awesome just when i thought i had seen all the podcasts at chess killer tips. already waiting for monday puzzle on chess king. keep up the fun guys.

  • S.N. Colombo says:

    There’s another one with Bishop on c3 and the pawns going the other way… anyone solve that?

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