Commented Chess Video: Two-Piece Sac, 26-Move Demolition

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk comments her chess blitz game against 13th Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan at the 2012 Sport Accord World Mind Games in Beijing. The game is a sharp Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen Variation. Alexandra is better prepared, attacks the black king, sacrifices 2 pieces, and forces black to resign already on the 26th move. The game is presented with the chess software Chess King.

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk has over 50 videos in this channel as well as 3 DVD’s on sale with even more deeply commentated games “Chess Blitz Fever”, “My Best Chess Games”, and “Kosteniuk Women’s World Chess Champion”. Check out Chess King Training! Also read an accompanying post on

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