Christmas Chess King Challenge: Solve Five Puzzles in Five Minutes!

Add to the merriment of Christmas by taking the Chess King challenge. Can you solve five chess puzzles in five minutes flat? Try it, Easy… really easy! Your time starts now. Puzzle on the left: White to play and win. All puzzles in the extended post: White to play and win.

7 Responses to “Christmas Chess King Challenge: Solve Five Puzzles in Five Minutes!”

  • Chess King Admin says:

    Answers to the puzzles with White’s winning moves:
    1.Puzzle: 1.Qxh6 gh 2.Rg8#
    2.Puzzle: 1.Bc5 Ka5 (…a5 2.Rxa7#) 2.Rxa7#
    3.Puzzle: 1.Rxh6 Kxh6 (…Kg8 2.Qa8#) 2.Qh4#
    4.Puzzle: 1.Nf8 and Black can save either the Queen or the checkmate on h7
    5.Puzzle: 1.Bb6+ Kxb6 2.Qb8#



  • Keith Larkins, Manchester says:

    Easy except the last third that eat up my time. Good going. Merry Christmas to everyone reading this.

  • srinivas says:

    Nice puzzles but I was thinking first puzzle wins with Queen move, second puzzle wins with Bishop move, third puzzle wins with Rook move, fourth puzzle wins with knight move and maybe you should have continued by making the fifth puzzle win with a pawn move – Just saying. Greetings of the season.

  • dudeirock says:

    Awesome puzzles! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Justin Carmen, New Jersey says:

    Super – Loved em Made my Christmas – Greetings for everyone all the readers of Chess King

  • anonymous says:

    woohoo don’t you think 25 seconds was enough for all

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