Chess Common Sense: What’s White’s Best Move?

Let’s see, what’s White’s best move? Big Hint: what was Black’s last move? :) Happy chess weekend.

Chess puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1…g5 actually black had played g5 so checkmate in one is en passent! did you get that? A checkmate in one?2.hxg6#

3 Responses to “Chess Common Sense: What’s White’s Best Move?”

  • Johan says:

    Was not clear where the black pawn was, could be either on g7 or g6. If g7, ok en passent will solve the question but not when it stood on g6. Guess that was part of the problem? :-)

  • Chess King Admin says:

    Bingo Johan – :) Happy Chess Weekend

  • dudeirock says:

    Good point i saw that too. But black’s last move could not have been g6-g5 because the king is on f5. So white would have been in check. so if that was the case, black’s next move would be to take the king. :)

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