Čez Chess Trophy Game 3: Navara-Svidler 0-1

The third game between Russian Grandmaster Peter Svidler and Czech Grandmaster David Navara ended with a victory for the former. This allows Svidler to win the traditional Čez Chess Trophy Match with a round to spare. Svidler won the second game in a row. One game is still to be played. Svidler declined a draw offer on the 34th move to continue his attack. The score stands Peter Svidler-David Navara 2.5-0.5. The traditional Čez Chess Trophy offers top-rated Czech GM David Navara an opportunity to play a strong grandmaster from around the world once a year. You can see the second game at this Chess King Link.

Navara, David – Svidler, Peter

Result: 0-1
Site: Prague
Date: 2012.06.23

[…] 1.¤f3 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 d5 4.cxd5 ¤xd5 5.£b3 ¤b6 6.d4 ¥g7 7.e4 ¥g4 8.¥b5+ c6 9.¤g5 O-O 10.¥e2 ¥xe2 11.¤xe2 e5 12.£h3 h6 13.¤f3 exd4 14.¥xh6 ¦e8 15.O-O-O c5 16.¤g5 £d7 17.£h4 f6 18.¥xg7 £xg7 19.¤h3 ¤c6 20.¦d3 g5 21.£h5 ¦xe4 22.f4 £f7 23.¤g3 £c4+ 24.¦c3 dxc3 25.£g6+ ¢f8 26.£xf6+ ¢e8 27.£g6+ ¢d7 28.£xe4 cxb2+ 29.¢b1 ¦e8 30.¦d1+ ¤d4 31.£xb7+ ¢d8 32.£b8+ ¢d7 33.£b7+ ¢d8 34.£b8+ ¤c8 35.£xb2 ¦e6 36.¦c1 £a4 37.¢a1 ¦b6 38.£d2 ¤d6 39.¦c3 ¤c4 40.£d3 £b4 41.¦b3 £e1+

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