Brave-Calculation Chess Puzzle: What is White’s Strongest Continuation?

Let’s get back to some strong and brave chess calculations. This position is from the game Shariyazadanov – Dobrov, Obwert, 2000. White found a nice forcing combination to win this game quickly. You might find a way to win, but what do you think is the strongest continuation for White?

Shariyazadanov – Dobrov

Result: 1-0
Site: Obwert
Date: 2000
[…] 1.♖xg7

1.♖h4 “actually is not that great 1…♕xh4 2.gxh4 ♗d4+ 3.♔h1
3.♔f1 ♖g1+ 4.♔e2 ♖g2+ 5.♔d3 ♖xc2 6.♔xc2 ♖xa4 7.♘xd6 ♗e5 8.♘f5 ♖xc4+ 9.♔d3 ♖g4 might be a bit plus for White but would be a long haul



1…♔xg7 2.♕b2+ or Qc3+ 2…♔h6
2…♔g6 3.♕f6+ ♔h5 4.♖h4+
4.♕f7+ ♔h6 (4…♖g6 5.♕xh7+ ♔g5 (5…♖h6 6.♕f7+ ♔g5) 6.♕xh3) 5.♕xg8

3.♕f6+ ♖g6 4.♖h4+ ♕xh4 5.♕xh4+ ♔g7 6.♕e7+ winning for White

2.♖f8+ ♖g8 3.♕b2# (3.♕c3#)

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