Blunder Chess Puzzle: How did Black Win?

In a typical chess position of the Sicilian, Black played Ng4. White, not fearing much, played h3 which, in fact was a blunder! How does Black win now?

Black wins

Result: 0-1
[…] 1.h3 blunder… 1…♘d4 there’s a checkmate threat with Qh2 if the Knight on f3 is captured plus the Queen on e2 is under attack… What can White do 2.hxg4 (2.♕d1 ♘xf3+ 3.♕xf3 (3.gxf3 ♕h2#) 3…♕h2#) (2.♕d3 ♘xf3+ same problem) 2…♘xe2+ 3.♗xe2 Black is winning

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