Black & White Magazine Cover Story about Chess King Software!

We found out today that the #1 magazine in Asia, Black & White, devoted most of its Spring 2012 issue to Chess King. The issue is called “Join the Chess King Revolution” and explains why chess software have totally changed chess study in the 21st century. The issue contains a full tutorial on Chess King (12 pages) by Pufichek, an exclusive interview of Robert Houdart (3 pages), the creator of the strongest chess engine in the world, Houdini, and as well as a chess art and chess comic created by Alex Sadeghi specially for Chess King. The magazine also contains

many other interesting articles, for example a primer for parents on why chess is a great game for kids, an interview of Hou Yifan, an article about Vishy Anand and much more. For the next week, anybody who buys a disk-version of Chess King or Chess King Pro from the USA will get a copy of the magazine for free (offer also valid for all Chess King Combos). If you’re interested in buying the Chess King copy or subscribing, send us an email.

4 Responses to “Black & White Magazine Cover Story about Chess King Software!”

  • cynthia burgess says:

    wow looks so cool – i must order more chess kings!!!

  • Jason Bourne says:

    Just for a week!!! Oh Oh OH

  • Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    You mean there actually exists an all-color chess magazine called Black & White. Now that’s funky.

  • Chris, ny says:

    I am very impressed with Chess King and it would be great to have a magazine with the tutorial in hard copy with the disk. Thanks. Best wishes.

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