Bilbao Chess Masters: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave – Levon Aronian 0-1

Levon Aronian beat Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the fourth round to join Michael Adams in the lead at the VI Chess Masters Final on Friday. Maxime launched a Kingside attack and was almost winning after a neat Rook sacrifice. However, Aronian survived and he won the rook vs. four pawns endgame.

Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime (2742) – Aronian, Levon (2795)

Result: 0-1
Site: Bilbao ESP
Date: 2013.10.10

[…] 1.c4 ♘f6 2.♘c3 e5 3.♘f3 ♘c6 4.g3 g6 5.♗g2 ♗g7 6.O-O O-O 7.d3 h6 8.b4 d6 9.♖b1 a6 10.a4 ♘e7 11.♗a3 c6 12.c5 ♖e8 13.e4 ♗g4 14.♕b3 ♘d7 15.♘d2 ♘c8 16.♕c2 ♗f8 17.cxd6 ♘xd6 18.♘b3 b5 19.h3 ♗e6 20.♖fd1 bxa4 21.♘xa4 ♘b5 22.♗b2 ♗xb3 23.♕xb3 c5 24.♖bc1 ♖b8 25.♕a2 cxb4 26.♖c6 ♔g7 27.d4 b3 28.♕b1 exd4 29.♗xd4+ ♘xd4 30.♖xd4 ♕a5 31.♖xd7 ♕xa4 32.e5 ♖e7 33.♖dd6 ♕a2 34.♖xg6+ fxg6 35.♕xg6+ ♔h8 36.♗d5 ♖g7 37.♕xh6+ ♖h7 38.♕e6 ♕b1+ 39.♔g2

39.♔h2 ♗e7 40.♖c8+ ♖xc8 41.♕xc8+ ♔g7 42.♕b7 ♔h6 43.♗e4 ♕f1 44.♕b6+ ♔g7 45.♕g6+ ♔f8 46.♕f5+ ♖f7 47.♕c8+ ♔g7 48.♕g4+ ♔h8 49.♕h5+ ♔g8 50.♕g4+ ♔h8 51.♕h5+ (0:00:03) 34.Rxg6+

39…♖g7 40.♖c8 ♖xc8 41.♕xc8 ♖g8 42.♕b7 ♕h7 43.♕xb3 ♖g5 44.♕e3 ♕e7 45.f4 ♖g7 46.f5 ♕g5 47.♕xg5 ♖xg5 48.g4 ♗g7 49.e6 ♗f6 50.♔g3 a5 51.h4 ♖g8 52.g5 ♔g7 53.♔f4 ♖h8 54.♔g4 ♖b8 55.gxf6+ ♔xf6 56.e7 a4

56…♖e8 57.♗b3 ♖xe7 58.♔f3 ♖b7 59.♗e6 ♖b2 60.♗d7 ♖b4 61.♗e6 ♖xh4 62.♔e3 a4 63.♔d2 a3 64.♔c2 ♖h3 65.♔b1 ♖h2 66.♔a1 ♖c2 67.♗b3 ♖f2 68.♗d5 ♖e2 69.♗c4 ♖c2 70.♗d5 ♖d2 71.♗a2 ♖h2 72.♗b3 ♖f2 73.♗d5 (0:02:12) 56.e7
56…♔xe7 57.♔g5
57.♗e6 a4 58.♔g5 a3 59.♗a2 ♖b2 60.f6+ ♔f8 61.♗c4 a2 62.♗xa2 ♖g2+ 63.♔h6 ♖xa2 64.♔g5 ♔f7 65.♔f5 ♖b2 66.♔f4 ♖b5 67.♔g3 ♔xf6 68.♔g2 ♖b4 69.h5 ♔g5 (0:00:08) 56…Kxe7

57…a4 58.h5 ♖b5 59.♗a2 ♖b2 60.♗c4 ♖g2+ 61.♔h6 a3 62.♗d5 a2 63.♗xa2 ♖xa2 64.♔g7 ♖g2+ 65.♔h8 ♔f7 66.h6 ♖b2 67.♔h7 ♖b8 68.f6 ♖b2 69.♔h8 ♔xf6 70.♔g8 ♖g2+ 71.♔h8 ♖a2 72.♔h7 ♖h2 73.♔g8 ♖xh6 (0:00:08) 56…Kxe7


57.h5 ♖e8 58.h6 ♖xe7 59.♗g8 a3 60.♔f3 ♖e1 61.♔g2 a2 62.h7 ♔g7 63.f6+ ♔h8 64.♗xa2 ♖e2+ 65.♔f3 ♖xa2 66.f7 ♖a8 67.♔e4 ♔xh7 68.♔d5 ♔g7 69.♔e6 ♔f8 70.♔f6 ♖a6+ 71.♔f5 ♔xf7 72.♔e5 ♖a3 73.♔d4 ♖a4+ 74.♔d5 ♖a8 75.♔c5 ♔g7 76.♔c4 ♔f6 77.♔d5 ♖a6 78.♔e4 ♖a5 79.♔d4 ♔e6 80.♔c4 ♔e5 81.♔c3 ♔e4 82.♔c4 ♖a2 83.♔c5 ♖c2+ 84.♔d6 ♖d2+ 85.♔e6 ♖h2 (0:02:12) 56.e7

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