Alert Chess Tactic: White Wins

This is a typical middlegame chess position where White just needs to get the Bishop or pawn on f6 to deliver checkmate via g7. Or, do you think clearing the diagonal b1-h7 could work? How to work that out? It’s an easy chess puzzle, can you win it for White?

Middlegame Chess Tactic

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♗a4 pushing the Black Queen away from the guarding of f6 square and the Knight on d7 The Black Queen cannot protect both 1…♕xa4 (1…♕b6 2.♗xd7 and where does the Rook go) 2.♗f6 ♘xf6 3.exf6 ♖xe1+ 4.♖xe1 ♕xa2 (4…♔h8 5.♕xf8# (5.♕g7#)) 5.♕g7#

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