Alekhine Chess Memorial 2013 Round 7: Viswanathan Anand – Laurent Fressinet 1-0

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand picked up his second win of the tournament by beating French Grandmaster Laurent Fressinet in a Scotch during the seventh round at the Alekhine Chess Memorial 2013. Fressinet went for a Queenside attack, but left his King vulnerable. Around Move 25 it appeared that Black could hold and even win, but White slowly got back into the game. Read a report on the round at Chess Blog. Replay the game with Chess King.

Anand, Viswanathan (2783) – Fressinet, Laurent (2706)

Result: 1-0
Site: St Petersburg
Date: 2013.04.29

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.d4 exd4 4.¤xd4 ¥c5 5.¤b3 ¥b6 6.¤c3 ¤f6 7.£e2 O-O 8.¥e3 d5 9.O-O-O d4 10.¥g5 h6 11.¥h4 ¦e8 12.f3 ¥e6 13.¢b1 £e7 14.¤a4 ¤b4 15.£e1 g5 16.¥f2 c5 17.c3 dxc3 18.£xc3 c4 19.¤bc5 ¤fd5 20.£a3 ¦ac8 21.¥xc4 ¥xc5 22.¤xc5 ¦xc5 23.¥xc5 £xc5 24.¦c1 £b6 25.¥xd5 ¥xd5 26.exd5 £g6+ 27.¢a1 ¤c2+ 28.¦xc2 £xc2 29.£xa7 £xg2 30.¦b1 £xh2 31.£xb7 ¦b8 32.£c6 £e5 33.a4 ¦b3 34.¢a2 ¦xf3 35.¦d1 ¦f2 36.£b5 £d6 37.a5 ¦c2 38.£b6 £d7 39.¦d4 ¢g7 40.a6 ¦c7 41.b3 h5 42.d6 ¦c6 43.£b7 £e8 44.¢a3 ¦c1 45.£d5 f6 46.¦e4 £d8 47.¦e7+ ¢h6 48.¢b2 £c8 49.£d3

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