Alekhine Chess Memorial 2013 Round 7: Boris Gelfand – Ding Liren 1-0

Alekhine Chess Memorial 2013 Round 7: World Title Challenger Boris Gelfand joined Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the lead at the tournament with this win over Chinese GM Ding Liren. The latter’s blunder in middlegame and later time trouble allowed White to cruise to an important win. Replay the game below with Chess King. You can read a full report on the seventh round at this super chess tournament on Chess Blog.

Gelfand, Boris (2739) – Ding, Liren (2707)

Result: 1-0
Site: St Petersburg
Date: 2013.04.29

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 ¥g7 4.e4 d6 5.¥e2 O-O 6.¥g5 c5 7.d5 h6 8.¥e3 e6 9.dxe6 ¥xe6 10.£d2 ¢h7 11.h3 £a5 12.¤f3 £b4 13.a3 £b3 14.£c1 ¤c6 15.O-O ¤d7 16.¦d1 ¤de5 17.¤d2 £b6 18.f4 ¤d7 19.¥d3 ¤d4 20.¢h2 ¦ae8 21.£b1 £d8 22.¤e2 ¤xe2 23.¥xe2 b5 24.cxb5 d5 25.£c2 £b8 26.g3 c4 27.¤f3 £xb5 28.e5 ¥f5 29.£d2 ¥e4 30.b4 £b8 31.¤d4 f6 32.e6 ¤b6 33.f5 ¥xf5 34.¤xf5 gxf5 35.£c2 ¢h8 36.¥c5 ¦xe6 37.¥xf8 ¥xf8 38.¥f3 ¦e3 39.£xf5 c3 40.¦d3 ¦xd3 41.£xd3 £e5 42.¦a2 ¥d6 43.¥g2 d4 44.¦e2 £g5 45.£xd4 £xg3+ 46.¢g1 ¥e5 47.£g4 £xg4 48.hxg4 ¤c4 49.a4 ¥d4+ 50.¢h2 ¥e5+ 51.¢h3 ¢g7 52.¥e4 ¢f8 53.¢g2 ¢e7 54.¢f3 ¢d6 55.¦a2 ¢c7 56.¢e2 ¢b6 57.¥d3 ¤d6 58.a5+ ¢c6 59.a6 ¤b5 60.¦a5 ¤c7 61.¢d1 ¢d6 62.¥c4 ¢c6 63.¢c2 ¢b6 64.¢b3 ¢c6 65.¦c5+ ¢b6 66.¥d3 ¥d4 67.¦h5 ¥e3 68.¢xc3 ¥g5 69.¦h1 ¤xa6 70.¥xa6 ¢xa6 71.¢c4 ¢b6 72.¦e1 ¥h4 73.¦e6+ ¢c7 74.¢b5 ¢d7 75.¦a6 ¢e7 76.¦xa7+ ¢e6 77.¢c4

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