Alekhine Chess Memorial 2013 R3: Boris Gelfand – Michael Adams 1-0

Only one game proved decisive in the third round of the Alekhine Ches Memorial 2013. It was Boris Gelfand grinding down Michael Adams after the latter’s perfect score in the first two rounds. Black’s Queen’s Gambit Declined structure was passive giving White a strong hold over the game. The error with 24… Kg7 eventually led the tournament leader to resign. Read a full report on the round at Chess Blog. Replay the game with Chess King below.

Gelfand, Boris (2739) – Adams, Michael (2727)

Result: 1-0
Site: Paris, FRA
Date: 2013.04.23

[…] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 e6 3.¤f3 d5 4.¤c3 ¤bd7 5.¥f4 dxc4 6.e3 ¤d5 7.¥xc4 ¤xf4 8.exf4 ¤b6 9.¥b3 ¥d6 10.g3 ¥d7 11.O-O O-O 12.£d3 ¥c6 13.¦ad1 £f6 14.¤g5 g6 15.¤ge4 £f5 16.d5 exd5 17.¤xd5 ¤xd5 18.¥xd5 ¥xd5 19.£xd5 £xd5 20.¦xd5 ¦fd8 21.¦c1 ¦ac8 22.¦c3 ¥e7 23.¦xd8+ ¥xd8 24.f5 ¢g7 25.¤d6 ¦b8 26.¤e8+ ¢f8 27.fxg6 hxg6 28.¤xc7 ¥f6 29.¦b3 ¥e5 30.¤d5 b6 31.¤b4 ¦c8 32.¤d3 ¥f6 33.h4 ¦c2 34.¢f1 ¢e7 35.¢e1 ¢d6 36.¦b4 ¥g7 37.¢d1 ¦c7 38.h5 gxh5 39.¦b5 ¦d7 40.¦xh5 ¢e7 41.¢e2 ¦c7 42.¦b5 ¦c4 43.¢f3 ¦a4 44.a3 ¦d4 45.¢e3 ¦c4 46.b3 ¦c2 47.a4 ¦c6 48.g4 ¦e6+ 49.¢f3 ¦c6 50.¢e4 ¦e6+ 51.¢f3 ¦c6 52.¤b4 ¦c1 53.¢e4 ¢d6 54.¤d3 ¦g1 55.¢f5 ¥c3 56.f4 f6 57.¤f2 ¢c6 58.¤e4 a6 59.¤xc3 axb5 60.axb5+ ¢d6 61.¤e4+ ¢e7 62.¤xf6 ¦d1 63.¢g6 ¦d3 64.f5 ¦d6 65.g5 ¢f8 66.b4 ¦d4 67.¢h6 ¦h4+ 68.¤h5 ¦xb4 69.g6 ¦g4 70.f6 ¦g1 71.¤f4 ¦e1 72.¤d5 ¦f1 73.¢g5 ¦g1+ 74.¢f5 ¦f1+ 75.¢e6 ¦e1+ 76.¢d6 ¦f1 77.¢c6

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