76th Tata Steel Chess R9: Aronian Extends Lead by 1.5 Points

Howzzat: Naiditsch – Harikrishna 0-1

It’s definitely not as easy as World No. 2 Levon Aronian is making it look at the 76th edition of Tata Steel Chess in Wijk aan Zee. He beat the nearest player on the standings – Sergey Karjakin – in Round 9 to take a 1/5point lead over the rest of the field. Naiditsch self-destructed before Harikrishna in what is surely an unbelievable game by a 2700+ Grandmaster. Read a full report on Chess Blog. Replay the games with Chess king.

Nakamura,Hi (2789) – Caruana,F (2782)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2014.01.23
[…] 1.d4 ♘f6 2.c4 g6 3.♘f3 ♗g7 4.g3 O-O 5.♗g2 c5 6.♘c3 cxd4 7.♘xd4 ♕c7 8.b3 d5 9.♘db5 ♕a5 10.♗d2 dxc4 11.bxc4 ♕d8 12.O-O a6 13.♘a3 ♘c6 14.♘c2 ♗e6 15.♖b1 ♖c8 16.♘e3 ♘a5 17.♗xb7 ♘xb7 18.♖xb7 ♗h3 19.♖e1 e6 20.♕c2 ♕d4 21.♖eb1 ♖fd8 22.♗e1 ♘g4 23.♘xg4 ♗xg4 24.♕a4 ♗h3 25.♖d1 ♕g4 26.f3 ♖xd1 27.♘xd1 ♕d4+ 28.♘f2 ♗f8 29.♕d7 ♕xd7 30.♖xd7 ♗c5 31.♗b4 ♗xb4 32.♘xh3 h6 33.♘f2 ♗c5 34.♖d3 ♗xf2+ 35.♔xf2 ♖xc4 36.♖a3 ♖c6 37.♔e3 ♔f8 38.h4 h5 39.♔d4 ♔e7 40.e4 ♔d7 41.e5 ♖b6 42.♖a5 ♖c6 43.♖a4 ♖b6 44.♔e4 ♔e7 45.♔f4 ♔f8 46.♔e4 ♔e7 47.g4 hxg4 48.fxg4 ♔f8 49.♖a5 ♖b4+ 50.♔f3 ♖b6 51.♔f4 ♔g7 52.♖a4 ♖c6 53.♔e4 ♖b6 54.a3 ♖b1 55.♖xa6 ♖h1 56.a4 ♖xh4 57.♔f4 ♖h1 58.g5 ♖f1+ 59.♔g4 ♖g1+ 60.♔f4 ♖f1+ 61.♔g4 ♖g1+

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