76th Tata Steel Chess R10: Aronian wins Title in Penultimate Round

Dominguez – Aronian 0-1 White resigns on Black’s 42. … Rd3. White’s game falls as does the c3 pawn.

76th Tata Steel Chess 2014 Round 10: Levon Aronian of Armenia has won the Masters group with one round to go. Playing some carefree, steady, and precise chess this last fortnight, the Grandmaster needed one round less to take the title for the second time. Here are all the games of Round 10. You can read a full report on Chess Blog.

Van Wely,L (2672) – Gelfand,B (2777)

Result: 0-1
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2014.01.25

[…] 1.d4 ♘f6 2.♗g5 d5 3.♘d2 c5 4.dxc5 ♕a5 5.c3 ♕xc5 6.♘gf3 ♘c6 7.♗xf6 gxf6 8.e4 ♗e6 9.♗d3 O-O-O 10.♕e2 ♗h6 11.♘b3 ♕d6 12.O-O ♘e5 13.♘xe5 ♕xe5 14.♘d4 dxe4 15.♗xe4 ♗d5 16.♕g4+ e6 17.♗xd5 ♕xd5 18.♖fd1 ♖hg8 19.♕h3 ♗f4 20.g3 h5 21.♘e2 ♗d2 22.♕h4 ♕e5 23.♘d4 ♗h6 24.♕h3 ♔b8 25.♖e1 ♕g5 26.♖e4 ♖d5 27.♖h4 ♖gd8 28.♖f1 ♗f8 29.f4 ♕h6 30.♔h1 ♗c5 31.♘b3 ♗b6 32.c4 ♖d1 33.c5 ♗c7 34.♖xh5 ♖xf1+ 35.♔g2 ♕g6 36.♔xf1 ♕b1+ 37.♔e2 ♕xb2+ 38.♔f3 ♖d3+ 39.♔g4 f5+ 40.♔h4 ♗d8+

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