75th Tata Steel Chess R5: Hou Yifan – Hikaru Nakamura 0-1

75th Tata Steel Chess 2013: Former Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan started off with a steady tackle of US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura’s Sicilian battle. However, she went in for a losing dissolution of pawns and gave up the point to stay at the bottom of the table after five rounds. Wrapping off the game was easy for the American Grandmaster as a matter of technique. You can read a full report on Chess Blog. Replay the game with Chess King.

Hou,Yifan (2603) – Nakamura,Hi (2769)

Result: 0-1
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2013.01.17

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¤c3 g6 4.d4 cxd4 5.¤xd4 ¥g7 6.¥e3 ¤f6 7.¥c4 O-O 8.¥b3 a6 9.f3 d6 10.£d2 ¤a5 11.¥h6 ¥xh6 12.£xh6 e5 13.¤de2 b5 14.£d2 b4 15.¤a4 ¤xb3 16.axb3 a5 17.O-O-O ¦a6 18.h4 ¥e6 19.h5 £e7 20.g4 ¤d7 21.f4 ¥xg4 22.f5 gxf5 23.exf5 ¢h8 24.£d3 ¦c6 25.¦d2 ¤f6 26.¤g3 e4 27.£e3 £e5 28.¦f1 ¥f3 29.¤e2 ¤g4 30.£d4 ¦fc8 31.c4 ¥xe2 32.£xe5+ ¤xe5 33.¦xe2 d5 34.¢b1 dxc4 35.¦xe4 f6 36.bxc4 ¦xc4 37.¦e2 ¦h4 38.¤b6 ¦d8 39.¦c2 b3 40.¦c3 ¦b4 41.¦c8 ¦xc8 42.¤xc8 ¢g7 43.¦g1+ ¦g4 44.¦e1 ¦g2 45.¤d6 ¢h6 46.¦d1 a4 47.¢c1 ¦c2+ 48.¢b1 ¤c4

One Response to “75th Tata Steel Chess R5: Hou Yifan – Hikaru Nakamura 0-1”

  • jaycee says:

    Good try by Yifan maybe 22,f5 was not good i think better to try breaking the fianchetto from h side i think

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